05 Jul 2017

AIFMD Depositary - Augentius Depositary Services

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Photo AIFMD Depositary - Augentius Depositary Services

Augentius’ Plans to Support Career Advancement

As Augentius (trouver plus sur ce sujet) carries on to expand globally, it never fails to foster bigger opportunities. The organisation urges all staff members to attend educational workshops, with a mind to their moving forwards in their careers. Augentius is rated as a Platinum ACCA-Approved Employer, so it's not surprising to discover that so many of their personnel have been working for the organisation for many years.

Augentius: What We Do

Augentius is one of the biggest Real Estate and Private Equity administrators with an international clientele. Based just a stone’s throw from the River Thames, the corporation was established in 2002 and continuously employs between 200 and 500 staff. Over 95 countries from various parts of the world are being serviced by Augentius. A company looking after financial resources must be able to provide precise, consistent and high-quality solutions to the clients with whom it works.

AIFMD and its Partnership with Augentius

The KNEIP Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) reporting service was tested for several months and it was concluded that it is amongst the most useful software that the AIFMD provides. The AIFMD is the service of choice when it comes to cutting-edge expert guidance. Despite changes in legislation and a high volume of work, the technical team at Augentius maintains its reliability in delivering a very high quality of service.

Augentius as the Best AIFMD Depositary

Personnel working at Augentius understand everything about property managing and monitoring and are experts in Private Equity, Real Estate and Real Assets. Augentius ensures the quality of work as well as bearing in mind the convenience of the client. Handling funds is not as simple as it seems. Making use of a reputable fund administratoin company to do this brings numerous benefits.